Volunteer Opportunities

Burlingame Neighborhood Network (BNN), a volunteer organization that helps connect, inform and prepare neighborhoods for emergencies, is seeking part-time volunteers to assist in a wide variety of roles.

Depending on your interest, you can join any team including graphic design, social media, programs, radio communications, and others for as little as 2-4 hours per month.

Submit the form below, or reach us at [email protected] for more information or to volunteer for any of the following roles.

“BNN has built a network of about 1500 residents and dozens of neighborhood blocks who participate in our citywide drill, subscribe to our newsletter, and attend our events. We are excited to invite new volunteers to become more engaged, and help BNN expand our community reach.”


Holly Daley, BNN Board Chair

Graphic Designer

Keep BNN’s media and materials up to date in their look and feel. Ensure consistency of style in all platforms including website, brochures, newsletter, PowerPoint template and even a new logo.


Community Outreach

Assist in identifying people and organizations to build new or stronger alliances with BNN. Examples include schools, service groups, realtors, community leaders, etc. Create strategies and activities for cultivating and retaining these audiences.


Neighborhood Outreach

Assist in developing neighborhood groups by connecting with existing block leads and identifying and mentoring potential leaders in new neighborhoods. Help design newcomer welcome program to introduce BNN to new residents.


Cache Program

Help manage the Burlingame Emergency Cache Program. This includes the purchasing, assembly and distribution of supply caches to qualified neighborhoods. Also outreach to those with caches to ensure supplies are current and tracking cache locations.


Programs & Activities

Assist in the creation of and logistics for programs and activities that connect, inform and prepare our community. Role may include topic and speaker ideas for quarterly events, logistics, program follow-up ideas, and on-site assistance for events.


Social Media

Identify appropriate social media platforms to reach BNN’s target audiences. Assist in developing and curating engaging content to direct people to our mailing lists and website and YouTube channel. Assist in the creation and editing of written, video, and photo content. Promote BNN activities and events. Maintain unified brand voice across different social media channels.


Web Content

Work with BNN website administrators to develop and refresh content for our website. Identify or create content on preparedness topics and resources.


Radio Communications

Put your communications and technical skills to work to help train and prepare neighborhoods to use a variety of communications tools during a disaster. This includes walkie-talkie operations, HAM radio procedures and protocols and the Zello app for cellphones. Participate in testing communications locations and staffing command posts during the city-wide drill. Open to HAM operators or anyone interested in becoming more proficient in emergency communications.


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    “Volunteering with BNN is an opportunity to bring your enthusiasm and creativity to make a difference, with just a small and flexible time commitment”

    Holly Daley, BNN Board Chair