Connecting with your neighbors to discuss emergency preparedness and crime prevention pays extra dividends in the friendships you make and the community spirit you build. Here’s a checklist to help you get started.

  • Sign up for the Burlingame Neighborhood Network’s free e-newsletter, to keep informed about events and opportunities. Click on “Subscribe” on the right.
  • Invite neighbors to a meeting to talk about forming a Neighborhood Network. You can drop a flyer on people’s doorsteps, phone them or email them. It’s a good idea to remind people two to three days before the meeting. If you would like someone from BNN to help you get started and explain the program at your first meeting, email At the meeting:
    1.  Ask people to sign in and give their contact information.
    2.  Pass out flyers about forming a Network and introduce the concept.
    3.  Select two or more block leaders to coordinate your group.
  • Discuss possible projects and activities for the group. Choices include:
    1.  A neighborhood directory for neighbors to share contact information and, if you like, skills that may be useful during emergencies, such as medical training
    2.  Distributing information about emergency preparedness, free training opportunities and ways to get connected with the city
    3.  A neighborhood e-newsletter
    4.  A city presentation on emergency preparedness or Neighborhood Watch
    5.  A social event such as a block party, a holiday potluck, an ice cream social or a coffee to discuss election issues.
  • After the meeting, send out a recap of what was decided.
  • Pick one project at a time to work on and meet with other block leaders as needed.
  • Designate at least one block leader to meet with other block leaders at citywide Neighborhood Network meetings to share ideas and receive updated information.
  • Identify neighbors with CERT training and those who are licensed to operate ham radios.

For more information, email: