Bringing Neighbors Together


  • Meet your neighbors
  • Build a stronger sense of community
  • Plan block parties and casual gatherings
  • Join citywide disaster response drill


  • Learn to respond to a disaster
  • Understand how to protect your family
  • Join community events on resiliency topics
  • Find emergency resources posted on this site


  • Practice first steps after a disaster during drill
  • Caches of emergency supplies for your block
  • Communications and radio training
  • Make your go-bag and emergency supply kit

Connect Your Block

Learn how to organize your block so neighbors can help each other during a disaster.

Citywide Drill

Our biggest event, held every few years, is our citywide Disaster Response Drill

Get Prepared

First responders may not be available for 96 hours or longer after a major disaster.

About Us

What we do. Who we are.


Download resource documents and access links for use by your family and neighbors


Your block can qualify for a cache of emergency tools and supplies funded by the City of Burlingame.


Burlingame Neighborhood Network Invites Signups for 2024 Drill