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Connect, Inform, Prepare

Burlingame Neighborhood Network (BNN) encourages neighbors to connect with one another to build a sense of community, become informed about disaster preparedness and support one another during emergencies.

Earthquakes, wildfires, floods and power outages can all disrupt our lives and our neighbors’ lives. Studies of major catastrophes show that personal connections among neighbors dramatically improve both the chances of survival during a disaster and faster recovery in its aftermath.

Getting to know neighbors builds our sense of community and our resiliency. That’s why BNN encourages forming block groups to connect neighbors and promote block parties and get-togethers. BNN also holds community preparedness events, and organizes an annual citywide emergency drill.

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Connect Your Block

Getting to know your neighbors contributes to community resilience, aids in crime prevention, and often builds lasting friendships.
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Get Prepared

Follow these simple steps to prepare yourself, your family, your home and your workplace for large and small emergencies.
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Cert Training

Get Trained

Take advantage of free and low-cost classes to learn emergency preparedness skills, including CPR, CERT and Ham radio training.
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Burlingame Disaster Survival Drill

More than 300 residents in dozens of neighborhood groups participated in our 9th annual Burlingame Disaster Survival Drill on October 9, 2021, along with local police officers, firefighters and Ham radio operators. The drill returned to an in-person format with neighbors observing county health protocols as they patrolled local streets looking for “incidents” describing emergency situations such as downed power lines and collapsed houses.
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