Suzanne Tateosian Memorial

It is with deep sadness that BNN shares news of the death of our beloved board member Suzanne Tateosian on February 25, 2022. While visiting family in Minden, Nevada, Suzanne (shown above narrating our “How to Do the Drill” video) suffered a stroke that she was unable to survive. As one of our Burlingame Neighborhood Network board members said, “such unexpected sorrow.”

Her husband, Jeff, wrote, “Anyone who knew her, knew what a loving wife, mother and friend she was.” Suzanne was generous with her time and her attention to her family, her neighborhood and her Burlingame community. She believed strongly in the importance of bringing people together and organized an annual camping trip, Labor Day event and holiday celebration for her neighbors.

Suzanne was fun and filled with positive energy. She was especially happy at this time in her life after welcoming the birth of her first grandchild in August 2021. She was adventurous and creative. When a tree came down during a winter storm at her family’s cabin in Twain Harte, Suzanne turned the tree hollow into a fairy house. When she organized BNN’s “how to” video about our annual citywide drill, she turned it into a “Breaking News” TV show.

Suzanne was tireless in her commitment to the Burlingame Neighborhood Network and to building resilience to ensure the safety of our community. She met with dozens of neighborhood leaders and introduced them to BNN. She developed the BNN Cache Program funded by the Burlingame City Council and oversaw the distribution of 30 caches of emergency supplies throughout the city. Suzanne was also an essential part of our BNN emergency communications program, working with the Central County Fire Department and our local ham radio community.

Suzanne Tateosian was a key member of our BNN family. We miss her enormously. Fun, adventurous, creative, generous, kind and loving are just a few of the words that describe dear Suzanne. It has been a wonderful gift to have her in our lives.

There has been an outpouring of heartfelt condolences from our BNN community, and many people have expressed a desire to contribute to something in her memory. We are exploring ideas with her husband, Jeff, and have established the “Suzanne Tateosian Memorial Fund.” If you would like to contribute, please visit our Donate page. All contributions are tax-deductible. We will acknowledge your gift and notify Suzanne’s family of your kindness and generosity.

With great sadness,

BNN Board Members Joe Becerra, Beth Bhatnagar, Holly Daley, David Harris, Anne Hinckle, Rik Kasuga, Terry Nagel and Val Tucker