Burlingame Neighborhood Network Invites Signups for 2024 Drill


The Burlingame Neighborhood Network invites residents to sign up for the city’s 11th Disaster Response Drill, which will take place on Saturday, October 5, from 9 to 10:30 a.m. in multiple neighborhoods throughout Burlingame. The exercise is designed to train neighbors to work together in the aftermath of a major emergency, when official responders are likely to be too busy to assist them.

Burlingame residents who are interested in participating are invited to email [email protected]and indicate whether they would like to join the Drill Planning Committee, lead the drill in their neighborhood or participate in the drill. They should include their full name and their street address so they can be matched with neighbors who live nearby. There is no charge, and all supplies will be provided.

Hosted by the Burlingame Neighborhood Network (BNN), the drill is supported by the Central County Fire Department, the Burlingame Police Department, Burlingame CERTs and local HAM radio operators. At this in-person, outdoor drill, participants will practice organizing in teams to help one another after a simulated disaster and will learn how to report major incidents to a simulated Emergency Operations Center.

Thanks to support from the City of Burlingame, neighborhood groups in the city that participate in at least two drills and have other occasional activities may qualify for a free emergency cache valued at more than $600.

The drill will take place on multiple blocks throughout Burlingame. Adults and children 10 and older can take active roles. Participants can lead a drill on their own block if they have at least eight participants, or they can join another block’s drill.

Founded in 2006 by community volunteers, BNN encourages neighbors to connect with one another to build a sense of community, become informed about disaster preparedness and support one another during emergencies.

For more information, visit burlingamenetwork.org or email [email protected].