Ham radio operators offer crucial communication links, should cell towers and/or the Internet be inaccessible following a major disaster. They assist during emergencies with communication in the community and throughout the county. They also help during city events such as the annual Holiday Parade and the Citywide Emergency Drill.

Burlingame’s Amateur Radio (Ham) Network teaches you how to operate radios effectively and facilitates training to assist during emergencies. It provides training on Net procedures to improve communication and to help Hams get better acquainted with one another. The Network’s goal is to have at least one Ham radio operator in every neighborhood.

The group has weekly check-ins for Ham radio operators in the 94010 zip code and surrounding areas. Both recently licensed Ham radio operators and more experienced Hams are involved. The group checks in every Tuesday at 7:30 p.m. at 146.805 MHz with a minus offset and PL tone of 192.8 Hz.

The following frequencies are also used and monitored in the event of an emergency or any event that requires the use of simplex:

  • Burlingame 1, 147.525, PL 114.8
  • Burlingame 2, 146.595, PL 114.8

For more information, contact Jeff Price (KJ6GVR) at ares.emcomm@yahoo.com.